Stealers Wheel – Stuck In The Middle With You

19 Apr

Stealers Wheel is an old 70s folk rock band from Scotland. Here is one of their hits from 1973, “Stuck In the Middle With You”. Enjoy!

Stealers Wheel – Stuck In The Middle With You


Pretty Lights – Pretty Lights vs. Summertime

19 Apr

Derek Vincent Smith of Pretty Lights is the new age of electronic music and the music industry. Pretty Lights came out with their first album in 2008 and have been putting out solid records ever since. Derek always has all of his albums available for free download because he loves his fans that much and knows that he can still be successful without record sales. He has had tons of publicity from this, not only because it’s all over the internet and reaches a mass audience, but his music is just insane how good and unique it is. Now he has his own record label and is touring the world with pretty much every show selling out.

Pretty Lights could be described as a funk, glitch electronic artist that incorporates almost any sound you can think of. The thing I love about his music is he uses tons of samples reaching all the way back to the 40s, whether it be jazz, funk, disco, rock, hip-hop, you name it. I definitely suggest to go check out all of his albums and download for free at his website,

This track I have here is a very new one he released last week in spirits of summer officially starting. It’s a very summery tune that has 8 different songs sampled in it, one including Sublime. I’m not sure what any of the others are, but it has a great guitar sample, trumpets, and some hip-hop lyrics. I also included a download link below for this song. Enjoy this summer tune!

Pretty Lights – Pretty Lights vs. Summertime | Download

Mates of State – Get Better

19 Apr

Mates of State are an awesome indie pop band from Kansas that consists of nothing but a married couple. Kori Gardner and Jason Hammel have been making music since 1997 and have put out several EPs and records. I don’t know about their marriage, but judging by their music, they work really well together and sound amazing for how limited they are to playing several instruments at once. “Get Better” is a song from their 2008 album Re-Arrange Us and always puts me in a good mood, hence the name. Enjoy!

Mates of State – Get Better

Mobb Deep – Party Over

19 Apr

Mobb Deep is one of my favorite hip-hop groups from the 90s, coming from the East Coast. The Infamous is by far their best album and is said to be one of the best classic hip-hop albums made. Here’s a tune from that album, “Party Over”.

Mobb Deep – Party Over

Animal Collective – My Girls

15 Apr

Animal Collective is an experimental rock group that has been making a crazy style of music since 1999. “My Girls” has been a huge hit from their 2009 album, Merriweather Post Pavilion. Check out the music video for this tune, it’s pretty cool and crazy at the same time. But the music in it is by far the best part. Enjoy!

Animal Collective – My Girls

Jake Benson & Fawn – Come Back (Passenger 10 Re-Vibes Remix)

15 Apr

Well summer is full swing now and whether you’re cruising in a car or on the beach relaxing, playing music always makes the experience better. Here I have a deep, progressive house track that has a very feel good, summery, chill feel to it. Hope you can enjoy this for the summer!

Jake Benson & Fawn – Come Back (Passenger 10 Re-Vibes Remix)

Katchafire – Collie Herb Man (Reactor Dub Remix)

15 Apr

Here I have a New Zealand reggae group called Katchafire. The song Collie Herb Man is a very chill reggae song with lots of instrumental bits. The Reactor Dub Remix puts lots of improvising with percussion instruments and guitar riffs, over some vocals. Check this tune out!

Katchafire – Collie Herb Man (Reactor Dub Remix)