Andrew Bayer – From the Earth (Album Mix)

6 Jul

Andrew Bayer is one of my new favorite electronic artists because he really pushes for new sound in everything he produces and is so unique in his taste. Even the artwork posted above for his album cover is really cool. Most people know him as a progressive house producer, but he is also a genius at making experimental music. And having Flying Lotus as one of his biggest influences, that is a given. His new artist album, It’s Artificial, is set to be released on July 25th on Anjunabeats.

Here I have a track from the album that was taken from Above & Beyond’s recent Essential Mix on BBC Radio 1. “From the Earth” is a very spacey, upflifting experimental track that is almost drums and bass, but a little to slow of a tempo. The xylophone melody in it is so beautiful with the choir singing along. Give this a listen and see what Andrew Bayer is all about. Look out for a post when his new album is released! Enjoy!

Andrew Bayer – From the Earth (Album Mix)


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    […] here to show you guys. It is from the infamous Andrew Bayer, who featured a couple weeks ago with “From The Earth”. The track is unreleased and was just played for the first time today on Above & Beyond’s […]

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