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Skylar Grey – Invisible (Kaskade Remix)

22 Sep

One of the main reasons why I love dance music so much is because of the mixture of lyrics and great beats. Some people who haven’t heard much house/trance music are skeptical because they think it is just a constant 4/4 bass hit with some high hats and snares and that’s all they hear. It is definitely more than that and not so easy to be good at. I know of a well known producer, Wolfgang Gartner, who spent 300 hours on one track last year. The time put in to it definitely paid off…being one of the top selling tracks on beatport last year.

The track I have here “Invisible” by Skylar Grey, remixed by Kaskade, is a good example of why I love house music. It has a great beat with great lyrics. Sometimes lyrics can make or break a song, and this one definitely does that. The feelings and meaning behind the lyrics mixed with the way the music is produced is just genius. As always, click on the youtube button below to play it in HD for better sound. Enjoy!

Skylar Grey – Invisible (Kaskade Remix)


Armin van Buuren – Drowning (Avicii Remix)

16 Sep

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I have been traveling through Europe with no internet and finally getting to my dorm for the semester in Austria. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to explore more music out here because I’ve been busy, lost, and lots of the music here is classical (Mozart was born here in Salzburg).

Anyway, here I have one of my favorite house tunes that is a remix Avicii did of Armin van Buuren’s “Drowning”. The track has some great vocals and happy feeling synths that are bound to make you feel good. Enjoy!

Armin van Buuren – Drowning (Avicii Remix)

Brody Leven – Eaten by Tahoe Pow

14 Sep

With the sub 60 degree here in Minnesota, I couldn’t help but think that winter is just around the corner. Then I find this short little edit this morning and think, oh yes, I have to get out west this year. Its been two years! This edit is from that 3 weeks straight of record snow out in Tahoe. Has to be the deepest snow I’ve ever seen on video. Enjoy!

I HIGHLY suggest hitting the HD button and watching full-screen.

Dave Matthews Band – Sugar Will w/ Carlos Santana

8 Sep

I’m surprised I haven’t posted any Dave Matthews Band yet, mostly because they are my favorite band of all time. I just love their style of music and variety of instruments they incorporate. They’ve been making amazing records and touring for over 12 years now. They are most known for their amazing live sets where there are thousands of die hard fans jamming to the music for hours. After seeing 7 live shows in a crowd of 40,000+, I can definitely say they are a whole new band when performing live.

Today I have a live version of “Sugar Will”, from Golden Gate Park on September 12, 2004. This version of “Sugar Will” is very special because it features the legend Carlos Santana. He puts a special feel to the song with his Latin influences and tears it up on his solo after the jamming starts. This song is part of the bands Live Trax Volume 2 record and is worth checking out if you don’t already have the album. Enjoy!

Dave Matthews Band – Sugar Will w/ Carlos Santana

Zero 7 – In the Waiting Line

7 Sep

At first I thought this was a track from the #1 chill album of all time, Moon Safari from the group Air. But it turns out its from a British group called Zero 7. Their first album follows the same chill electronic sound that groups like RJD2 and Radiohead have mastered. Perfect music for these perfect fall nights we’ve been having here in Minnesota. Enjoy!

Zero 7 – In the Waiting Line

Grateful Dead – Deal (Live)

4 Sep

The Grateful Dead were one of the greatest bands to play during the ’70s-’80s and essentially started the whole jam band style of music. Their live jams are legendary and wouldn’t happen without all the talent they had on the stage. Jerry Garcia was one of the main masterminds behind the band’s music, and here is one of his songs he wrote, “Deal”. It is a live recording from a show in Oakland, CA on July 24, 1987. It has the classic Dead feel to it with some awesome jamming. Enjoy!

Grateful Dead – Deal (Live)

Pretty Lights – Pretty Lights vs. Led Zeppelin

3 Sep

Today I have a sweet video posted a couple days ago from Pretty Lights. I featured a post on him before about Red Rocks and some unreleased tracks he played. Well here I have both a HD video of Red Rocks that night, as well as a HQ version of one of his unreleased tracks he played. It is a mashup of 7 Led Zeppelin songs, along with the signature Pretty Lights sound. The video really shows how impressive his production was at his show, from the setup to the actual lights/laser show they have mastered. Blast this groovy song on some good speakers and enjoy the cool video footage of the show. Enjoy!

Pretty Lights – Pretty Lights vs. Led Zeppelin

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