Skylar Grey – Invisible (Kaskade Remix)

22 Sep

One of the main reasons why I love dance music so much is because of the mixture of lyrics and great beats. Some people who haven’t heard much house/trance music are skeptical because they think it is just a constant 4/4 bass hit with some high hats and snares and that’s all they hear. It is definitely more than that and not so easy to be good at. I know of a well known producer, Wolfgang Gartner, who spent 300 hours on one track last year. The time put in to it definitely paid off…being one of the top selling tracks on beatport last year.

The track I have here “Invisible” by Skylar Grey, remixed by Kaskade, is a good example of why I love house music. It has a great beat with great lyrics. Sometimes lyrics can make or break a song, and this one definitely does that. The feelings and meaning behind the lyrics mixed with the way the music is produced is just genius. As always, click on the youtube button below to play it in HD for better sound. Enjoy!

Skylar Grey – Invisible (Kaskade Remix)


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