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Lunice & The Jealous Guys – Bus Stop Jazz

16 Nov

Many may not be familiar with any of these artists, because they are pretty underground in the hip-hop world. One of my friends told me how good Lunice was at producing hip-hop, and after hearing this tune, I can definitely support that statement 110%. As you may noticed, Ben and myself love to listen to and share chill, jazzy hip-hop with great lyrics; which is EXACTLY what “Bus Stop Jazz” is. The second I heard the beat and lyrics together, I feel in love. This could be one of my new favorite hip-hop tracks of all time. Give it a listen and enjoy!

Lunice & The Jealous Guys – Bus Stop Jazz


Jenova 7 – Metamorphosis

2 Nov

I randomly came across Jenova a few days ago and fell in love with his beats right away. He makes some super chill, downtempo jazz  music that is so enjoyable to listen to while relaxing. The album, Dusted Jazz Volume One, consists of five tracks, all written in the way of a journey and to be listened to one after another. One of my favorites is “Metamorphosis” because of it’s dreamlike keyboard melody alongside the chill beat. Check out the rest of this album and grab the free download here! Enjoy!

Jenova 7 – Metamorphosis