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Mr. Scruff – Jazz Potato

21 Dec

Today I was exploring and searching around for some new music and came along this gem by Mr. Scruff. It comes from the U.K. native’s first album, Mr. Scruff, featuring several other downtempo, hip-hop, chill electronic beats. This one is by far my favorite because of the heavy bass line along with the piano, saxophone, and groovy synths – a true jazz flavor. Sit back and relax to this one, and turn up the subwoofer if you have one!

Mr. Scruff – Jazz Potato


Craig Mack – Flava In Ya Ear (Remix)

19 Dec

Today I have an old school hip-hop classic from Craig Mack, back from ’94 on the Project album. This is a remix of Craig’s “Flava In Ya Ear”, with added MC’s – Notorious B.I.G., Rampage, LL Cool J, & Busta Rhymes. Personally, I’m not a fan of Busta’s part of the song, but the rest of the tune has great flow with the classic beat. Enjoy!

Craig Mack – Flava In Ya Ear (Remix)

The Thrillseekers – The Last Time (Johan Malmgren 2012 Remix)

18 Dec

The cool thing about electronic dance music is there is such a broad way of viewing tracks and how they are structured. It allows producers to tweak it exactly how they want it, or for others to write it how they would have liked it. Remixing has been done for tons of years on EDM tracks, but has become more popular in the increase of producers today. The Thrillseekers are one of the older legends in trance music and have been producing trance records for over 10 years. “The Last Time” was one of their big hits back in 2008 and this fall, they held a remix competition allowing any producer to remix this track in hope for it to get an official release on the Adjusted Music label. Well, the winner was chosen last Wednesday and it was definitely well deserved. I’ve heard the original mix of “The Last Time”, but I think I like this version better, done by Johan Malmgren. Turn up the speakers and enjoy this new remix of a classic! Enjoy!

The Thrillseekers – The Last Time (Johan Malmgren 2012 Remix)

Kobana & Mario Hatchet – Weekend Memories (Terry Da Libra Remix)

17 Dec

Today I have a real chill progressive house track that is fairly new and has a great mood to it. As the title says, it could be a great tune to listen to after a weekend and reminisce on your memories with friends or family. Sit back and enjoy this tune!

Kobana & Mario Hatchet – Weekend Memories (Terry Da Libra Remix)

Mansions on the Moon – Leaves Fall

12 Dec

I just realized this is our 100th blog post here on tune.port! Thanks to anyone who does a simple click on our posts to check out new music that we try to share. These days, you don’t hear too much quality music in the public even though it is still out there, and that’s why we try to share the good stuff with our friends and family. We appreciate any support and hope we can continue to share great music with you all! Onto the music!

I know everyone is real stressed on finals right now, and this song I have here today is a great one to listen to and relax. It is from Mansions on the Moon’s recent Lightyears EP. Their style reminds me a lot of M83, sounding like an indie rock group. I know this one helped me relax a bit this weekend after being stressed, and I hope this does for you too. Anyway, sit back and enjoy this one!

Mansions on the Moon – Leaves Fall

Resolved Dissonance – By Heart

9 Dec

Well, to continue on our streak of great chill, jazzy beats, I have another underground artist named Resolved Dissonance. I came along him about a year ago and fell in love with his style of music, using lots of jazzy elements in his production. “By Heart” is my favorite from his Never Been EP, which can be downloaded for free here. Enjoy!

Resolved Dissonance – By Heart

Lemon Jelly – Space Walk

4 Dec

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I’ve found a lot of new stuff to share with everyone. Here’s a British Duo out of London that mixes a lot of old audio samples with all different kinds of instrumentals. Immediately after hearing this track, I downloaded two of their albums and was amazed. Every track is good. They’re short 8/9 tracks albums that keep you listening the whole way through.

Lemon Jelly – Space Walk

If you guys like this track, check out their albums Lost Horizons and for some more chill, instrumental stuff. Perfect HW or cruising music.