The Thrillseekers – The Last Time (Johan Malmgren 2012 Remix)

18 Dec

The cool thing about electronic dance music is there is such a broad way of viewing tracks and how they are structured. It allows producers to tweak it exactly how they want it, or for others to write it how they would have liked it. Remixing has been done for tons of years on EDM tracks, but has become more popular in the increase of producers today. The Thrillseekers are one of the older legends in trance music and have been producing trance records for over 10 years. “The Last Time” was one of their big hits back in 2008 and this fall, they held a remix competition allowing any producer to remix this track in hope for it to get an official release on the Adjusted Music label. Well, the winner was chosen last Wednesday and it was definitely well deserved. I’ve heard the original mix of “The Last Time”, but I think I like this version better, done by Johan Malmgren. Turn up the speakers and enjoy this new remix of a classic! Enjoy!

The Thrillseekers – The Last Time (Johan Malmgren 2012 Remix)


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