Pretty Lights – We Must Go On (Video)

8 Feb

Today I have a very unique post featuring Pretty Lights’ new single “We Must Go On”. Derek Vincent Smith of Pretty Lights is no stranger to the electronic music community and continues to amaze everyone with his creations. He uses so many samples from classic, soul, and funk records dating back to the ’30s and puts them into a hip-hop styled track.  “We Must Go On” isn’t just a song in this case…Derek and his girlfriend Krystle set out to “create this new style of music video, that expresses and channels emotions in a beautiful collage of shots that capture little moments in people’s lives, from the joyous, to the innocent, to the desperate.”

Derek explains the full meaning of Pretty Lights and this video… “the creation of this track and video is also an artistic explanation as to why I chose the name ‘Pretty Lights’ for my musical project.  It embodies the essence of the artistic eye and the idea that almost any moment, anywhere, can be a moment of inspiration and beauty.”

This video features shots taken from around the world, including: Detroit, Warsaw, Oslo, NYC, Vancouver, London, Paris, Prague, New Orleans, Auckland, Sydney, Denver, and more. Anyway, enough chatting…sit back and watch this video take you on a journey with the great soulful hip-hop tune. Grab the free download as well!

Pretty Lights – We Must Go On | Download


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