While We Can (Film)

15 Feb

Freestyle skiing these days has gone downhill as far as being unique and innovating the sport. Competition skiing has blown up on the media and competition skiers have started to be “robots” as Tanner Hall says, not adding their own style to their skiing and doing the same set of tricks as everyone else. For me and many others, it gets to be boring seeing everyone do the same double corks and rail spins. The tricks they do are pretty sick, don’t get me wrong, but there is no excitement in knowing exactly what the skier is going to do on each of hit of the run.

With that said, all of the skiers in this film, “While We Can”, say they “don’t do what we do to inspire others, it’s just something we have to do to reach our own goals in life. But becoming good at something we could only dream of being good at and getting the chance to influence those who share our ideas and values about skiing and life is something that we are really grateful for”.

This is one of the best skiing films I have ever seen in a long time.  The skiing and editing is top notch, the whole vibe throughout is great, and as a skier, it inspired me a lot for not only my skiing, but my life. So enjoy this hour long film and hopefully you can too be inspired by skiing and this way of life. Be sure to watch in HD, fullscreen.

While We Can



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