Tuneport is a music blog started by Ben and Peter Jaffray, two brothers with a huge love for music. Tuneport is a way for us to share our vast taste in music with everyone. We share our readers with everything from classic tunes  from the ’60’s to upcoming, new releases. You can expect a broad spectrum of tunes coming from us, ranging from alternative, bluegrass, drums and bass, electronic, experimental, folk, hip-hop, house, jam bands, jazz, trance, reggae, and rock.

Peter Jaffray

I am currently studying Business Administration and Management at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. After moving from Minnesota, I have been exposed to tons of amazing music that I never knew existed. The electronic music scene out here is huge and is continuing to grow. Between this and marketing with Beta Night Club in Denver, I have become to love electronic dance music more then I ever thought. Expanding my music taste and discovering new artists out here has been amazing and hopefully I can share all of those with you readers. In my free time, I like to free ski and rock climb in the mountains.

We post music solely to promote and share the artists with our readers. All rights go to the great musicians that put out this music and we encourage you to go support them by purchasing their music or seeing them in a live show.


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