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Elaquent – Theory in Practice

15 Apr

Elaquent is an experimental artist I found a while back when I discovered Flying Lotus. Here is one of my favorites from his album After Midnight, “Theory in Practice”. He takes one of his better beats, in my opinion, and has O-Phrap rap over them with some flowy lyrics. If you like hip-hop and beats, this is a great tune to check out. Enjoy!

Elaquent – Theory in Practice



Nas – Memory Lane

15 Apr

Nas is an old school rapper from the 90s that released his debut album Illmatic in 1993. Being produced by DJ Premier, who is half of the legendary hip-hop group Gang Starr, the album has solid hip-hop throughout and has proven to still sell numerous copies today. The lyrics in “Memory Lane” are just too good, talking about his childhood and memories in Queensbridge, NY. Check out the rest of the album if you like this!

Nas – Memory Lane

Sleigh Bells – Rill Rill

11 Apr

Sleigh Bells is a relatively new pop rock group that is from Brooklyn, New York. “Rill Rill” is a really cool song I found a while ago that has a sample from a 1971 track – “Can You Get To That” by Funkadelic. This great guitar sample along with some vocals and unique beats make this tune what it is. Enjoy!

Sleigh Bells – Rill Rill

The Tallest Man On Earth – The Gardener

10 Apr

Hey guys sorry for the lack of posts over the past couple days. It was my 21st birthday weekend and I was super busy with friends, a music festival, and well…drinking. I’ll be back on schedule with daily posts now though.

The Tallest Man On Earth is a Swedish folk artist that has been known as the modern day Bob Dylan. Not only his music style, but his voice is very similar to folk legend Bob Dylan. The lyrics and stories he tells in his music are truly remarkable, showing how good of a song writer he is. His album from 2008, Shallow Graves, is by far my favorite and has lots of great songs on it. Here is my favorite song from that album, “The Gardener”.

The Tallest Man On Earth – The Gardener

Radiohead – Gagging Order

9 Apr

A softer side to what I consider to be one of the best groups in the last 20 years. The song is off the Com Lag: 2+2=5 album, which could be considered the b-sides to the Hail to the Thief album recordings.

They released yet another great record this past April called The King of Limbs. The album is short but Radiohead is one of the few groups who still actually make “albums”. The tracks are meant to be listened together as a whole, not one here and one there.

Order hereĀ

Radiohead – Gagging Order

Slightly Stoopid – Jimi

8 Apr

Slightly Stoopid is one of my favorite reggae groups from the U.S. for their style and incorporation of different instruments. They can play really good reggae rock to dub to acoustic rock. Jimi” is one of my favorites from their 2007 album Chroncitis. It starts out with a very cool acoustic intro, leading into some chill lyrics with horns and percussion bits joining in. Enjoy!

Slightly Stoopid – Jimi

Thievery Corporation – Sweet Tides

6 Apr

Thievery Corporation is a DJ duo that produces lounge, dub, and electronic music…with a world music feel to it. Some of their live shows have supporting artists and a full band, with instruments/musicians from across the world. They’ve been making records since 1997 and all of them are amazing – get their albums if you haven’t already

“Sweet Tides” is one of my favorites from their Radio Retaliation album, for its very chill, relaxing feel. It has some great singing by Lou Lou, along with some soothing music that reminds me of watching the sun set on a beach. Enjoy!

Thievery Corporation – Sweet Tides

Here I have another song from them, “Shadows of Ourselves” from the Mirror Conspiracy album. This one is more instrumental, with lots of percussion and trumpet bits.

Thievery Corporation – Shadows of Ourselves