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Pretty Lights – Pretty Lights vs. Summertime

19 Apr

Derek Vincent Smith of Pretty Lights is the new age of electronic music and the music industry. Pretty Lights came out with their first album in 2008 and have been putting out solid records ever since. Derek always has all of his albums available for free download because he loves his fans that much and knows that he can still be successful without record sales. He has had tons of publicity from this, not only because it’s all over the internet and reaches a mass audience, but his music is just insane how good and unique it is. Now he has his own record label and is touring the world with pretty much every show selling out.

Pretty Lights could be described as a funk, glitch electronic artist that incorporates almost any sound you can think of. The thing I love about his music is he uses tons of samples reaching all the way back to the 40s, whether it be jazz, funk, disco, rock, hip-hop, you name it. I definitely suggest to go check out all of his albums and download for free at his website,

This track I have here is a very new one he released last week in spirits of summer officially starting. It’s a very summery tune that has 8 different songs sampled in it, one including Sublime. I’m not sure what any of the others are, but it has a great guitar sample, trumpets, and some hip-hop lyrics. I also included a download link below for this song. Enjoy this summer tune!

Pretty Lights – Pretty Lights vs. Summertime | Download


Thievery Corporation – Sweet Tides

6 Apr

Thievery Corporation is a DJ duo that produces lounge, dub, and electronic music…with a world music feel to it. Some of their live shows have supporting artists and a full band, with instruments/musicians from across the world. They’ve been making records since 1997 and all of them are amazing – get their albums if you haven’t already

“Sweet Tides” is one of my favorites from their Radio Retaliation album, for its very chill, relaxing feel. It has some great singing by Lou Lou, along with some soothing music that reminds me of watching the sun set on a beach. Enjoy!

Thievery Corporation – Sweet Tides

Here I have another song from them, “Shadows of Ourselves” from the Mirror Conspiracy album. This one is more instrumental, with lots of percussion and trumpet bits.

Thievery Corporation – Shadows of Ourselves

A Life In Film – I’m Sorry I Didn’t Know (EMU Remix)

3 Apr

Here I have a remix by Dan Palmer, known as EMU. He is yet another producer from the UK, who used to produce drums and bass, but moved to his roots of downtempo electronic music. He gets a lot of his inspiration from well known artists such as Blackalicios, UNKLE, and Royksopp. All of EMU’s tracks always put me in a good mood and are like nothing I’ve ever heard. Look out for more posts in the future by EMU.

A Life In Film – I’m Sorry I Didn’t Know (EMU Remix)

Re:Generation Music Project – Skrillex

1 Apr

Skrillex is no stranger to the EDM world and has done remarkable things for the music genre, putting it on the map in the mainstream world. For the Re:Generation project, Skrillex got assigned to mix his infamous style with rock…and that was with none other than The Doors. With rock roots, Skrillex as very happy to be working with these amazing musicians on this project. With the mix of Skrillex’s dubstep flavor and The Doors’ guitar/drum/organ riffs, the group made quite the banger to say the least. Enjoy!

Skrillex & The Doors – Breakin’ A SweatStream Only

Re:Generation Music Project – The Crystal Method

1 Apr

The Crystal Method is no stranger to the EDM world, being one of the older acts in the business. For Re:Generation, they had to mix their style with R&B, using that motown sound with the help of Martha Reeves and the Funk Brothers. To help influence their lyrics and production, they visited Detroit themselves with Martha, getting a feel for where it all originated and transferred that into their music. Enjoy!

The Crystal Method – I’m Not LeavingStream Only

Re:Generation Music Project – Pretty Lights

29 Mar

The Re:Generation project is probably one of the coolest things done in the music industry recently. In association with the Grammy’s, Re:Generation had five profound producers from all genres mix their style with one they assign to them. For my next five posts, I will feature each track that was done through this project.

Today, I have electronic/glitch-hop/soul producer Pretty Lights, who was assigned the category of country. As you can see, this totally conflicts with his style of producing, but with his insane skills, he made it work and is now one of my favorite songs of all time. In “Wayfaring Stranger”, Derek takes the original lyrics of Ralphy Standley & LeAnn Rimes, along with the original 80’s version of the track, and puts his own original, analog taste on everything. Give this unique one a listen!

Pretty Lights ft. LeAnn Rimes & Ralph Standley – Wayfaring Stranger | Direct Download

Zero 7 – In The Waiting Line (Koop Remix)

26 Mar

“In The Waiting Line” is a very popular tune in the electronic world is considered a classic due to it’s great vocals and chill beat. Today I have an awesome remix that puts a very jazzy touch on the track, making it totally different from the original. The xylophone, bassline, trumpet, and jazzy drums make this a very unique remix done by Koop. Sit back and relax to this one!

Zero 7 – In The Waiting Line (Koop Remix)