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Mobb Deep – Party Over

19 Apr

Mobb Deep is one of my favorite hip-hop groups from the 90s, coming from the East Coast. The Infamous is by far their best album and is said to be one of the best classic hip-hop albums made. Here’s a tune from that album, “Party Over”.

Mobb Deep – Party Over


Elaquent – Theory in Practice

15 Apr

Elaquent is an experimental artist I found a while back when I discovered Flying Lotus. Here is one of my favorites from his album After Midnight, “Theory in Practice”. He takes one of his better beats, in my opinion, and has O-Phrap rap over them with some flowy lyrics. If you like hip-hop and beats, this is a great tune to check out. Enjoy!

Elaquent – Theory in Practice


Nas – Memory Lane

15 Apr

Nas is an old school rapper from the 90s that released his debut album Illmatic in 1993. Being produced by DJ Premier, who is half of the legendary hip-hop group Gang Starr, the album has solid hip-hop throughout and has proven to still sell numerous copies today. The lyrics in “Memory Lane” are just too good, talking about his childhood and memories in Queensbridge, NY. Check out the rest of the album if you like this!

Nas – Memory Lane

Archetype – Best Song

3 Apr

Here’s my first hip-hop post by an underground hip-hop group named Archetype. I’m sure not many of you have heard of them, but I can tell you their album “Unfolding” is quite the gem. If you like chill, smooth, jazzy hip-hop then this is an album for you. Enjoy!

Archetype – Best Song

Re:Generation Music Project – DJ Premier

29 Mar

Today’s Re:Generation artist is the hip-hop legend, DJ Premier. Known as one of the best hip-hop producers, working with legend Gang Starr, DJ Premier sure had his work cut out for him with his chosen genre. He was assigned to mix his old school jazzy hip-hop style with classical music – total opposites. Premier learned from the ground up, learning how to read music again, and even conducting an orchestra, in order to make this track work. With the help of Nas on the lyrics, and the Berklee Symphony Orchestra, DJ Premier wrote this masterpiece named “Regeneration”. Enjoy!

DJ Premier ft. Nas & the Berklee Symphony Orchestra – Regeneration | Direct Download

People Under the Stairs – Schooled in the Trade

19 Mar

People Under the Stairs are one of my favorite underground hip-hop groups coming out of Cali. They have that great, genuine west coast feel and love to add jazzy elements to their chill beats…and of course lay down great lyrics all the time. They started making records in the 90’s and have been putting out great albums ever since. “Schooled in the Trade” is one of my favorites from them, being a very chill instrumental with a jazz feel to it. It came off their compilation, The Om Years (2008), which features some of the groups favorite tracks…definitely check it out along with the rest of their albums! Enjoy!

People Under the Stairs – Schooled in the Trade

Gang Starr – DWYCK ft. Nice & Smooth (Remix)

16 Mar

Gang Starr is known as one of the best MC’s to live because of his amazing flow and lyrics. Today I have a sick remix done by Pete Rock & CL Smooth, also known as some of the best to live in the hip-hop world. Sit back and relax, and enjoy this chill 90’s flow/beats!

Gang Starr – DWYCK ft. Nice & Smooth (Remix)