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Lotus – Ball of Energy

13 Feb

Lotus is a very well known jam band in the community and are usually a hit at any festival they attend. They are most known for their live light shows and awesome jams that always have a groovy, funk, jazzy style to them. “Ball of Energy” is a great tune from their 2004 Nomad album that portrays their style very well. Sit back and enjoy this groovy jam!

Lotus – Ball of Energy


Dave Matthews Band – Loving Wings (Live)

9 Feb

I feel bad for not posting more Dave Matthews Band because he is my favorite live band to see, but that just makes each post for him more unique. The band took a break from touring last summer after 10 straight years of summer tours, and will hopefully be back touring soon.

Today’s tune, “Loving Wings” is one of my favorites from the band and it is very rare that it is ever played. The whole song is a gradual crescendo of volume and musical parts of all the band members. The tune starts out with Dave playing on his acoustic guitar and singing, and eventually leads to the whole band jamming out with various solos, one being an amazing sax solo by LeRoe (R.I.P.).

This live version is from The Gorge Amphitheater (09.01.2007), taken off the Warehouse Vol. 5 compilation. Enjoy!

Dave Matthews Band – Loving Wings (Live)

The New Mastersounds – Idle Time (Lack Of Afro Remix)

18 Jan

Today I have a groovy funk remix of The New Mastersounds’ “Idle Time”. Lack of Afro consists of one man, Adam Gibbons, from the UK, taking pride in funk, soul, and jazz music. Some of his biggest influences are legends Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, and even hip-hop producer DJ Shadow. “Idle Time” has a great combination of a groovy bass line, organ, horns, and guitar, making it a good tune to jam out to, whether you’re in your room or at a party. Enjoy!

The New Mastersounds – Idle Time (Lack Of Afro Remix)

Dave Matthews Band – Sugar Will w/ Carlos Santana

8 Sep

I’m surprised I haven’t posted any Dave Matthews Band yet, mostly because they are my favorite band of all time. I just love their style of music and variety of instruments they incorporate. They’ve been making amazing records and touring for over 12 years now. They are most known for their amazing live sets where there are thousands of die hard fans jamming to the music for hours. After seeing 7 live shows in a crowd of 40,000+, I can definitely say they are a whole new band when performing live.

Today I have a live version of “Sugar Will”, from Golden Gate Park on September 12, 2004. This version of “Sugar Will” is very special because it features the legend Carlos Santana. He puts a special feel to the song with his Latin influences and tears it up on his solo after the jamming starts. This song is part of the bands Live Trax Volume 2 record and is worth checking out if you don’t already have the album. Enjoy!

Dave Matthews Band – Sugar Will w/ Carlos Santana

Phish – Sand (Live)

11 Jul

Phish is a jam band coming from Vermont that originated in 1983. They started out playing Grateful Dead songs at their gigs and were gaining lots of attention on the east coast. Through live recording distribution, album production, touring, and even their Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream “Phish Food”, they became one of the best jam bands of all time during their glory years of the 90’s.

Here I have a live recording of “Sand” from their 2000 studio album Farmhouse. This recording is from their 2010 New Years show at Madison Square Gardens, NY that was a 3-day event. This one has the signature groovy Phish sound to it and is definitely one of my favorite jams. Enjoy!

Phish – Sand (Live)

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