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Arty – BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix

15 Mar

The young trance legend Arty made his Essential Mix debut last month on BBC Radio 1, putting out one of the best mixes I’ve heard this year. This young Russian has support from the biggest name in the trance/house industry and will continue to blow up this year as he did last year. Give this two hour mix a listen and be sure to check out his other music if you enjoy it!

Arty – BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix


The Thrillseekers – The Last Time (Johan Malmgren 2012 Remix)

18 Dec

The cool thing about electronic dance music is there is such a broad way of viewing tracks and how they are structured. It allows producers to tweak it exactly how they want it, or for others to write it how they would have liked it. Remixing has been done for tons of years on EDM tracks, but has become more popular in the increase of producers today. The Thrillseekers are one of the older legends in trance music and have been producing trance records for over 10 years. “The Last Time” was one of their big hits back in 2008 and this fall, they held a remix competition allowing any producer to remix this track in hope for it to get an official release on the Adjusted Music label. Well, the winner was chosen last Wednesday and it was definitely well deserved. I’ve heard the original mix of “The Last Time”, but I think I like this version better, done by Johan Malmgren. Turn up the speakers and enjoy this new remix of a classic! Enjoy!

The Thrillseekers – The Last Time (Johan Malmgren 2012 Remix)

Steve Brian & Cressida – Cambodia (SHato & Paul Rockseek Remix)

5 Oct

Today I have a great trance track from Steve Brian & Cressida, remixed by the newcomers SHato & Paul Rockseek. “Cambodia” is a very spacey, uplifting tune with an amazing melody and breakdown. The first time I heard this, I just wanted to get up and dance in a club. This remix is still unreleased, and is a set rip from Above & Beyond’s TATW radio show podcast. Enjoy!

Steve Brian & Cressida – Cambodia (SHato & Paul Rockseek Remix)

Above & Beyond – You Got To Go (Kyau & Albert Remix)

5 Aug

“You gotta keep your ideals high,

You gotta know, that the sky belongs to no one.

You know you got to go.”

These are the beautiful lyrics of Zoe Johnston, singing to the legendary Above & Beyond in “You Got To Go”. Being one of the best trance artists in the world for over a decade, Paavo, Jono, and Tony have been producing top notch tracks and running the most successful trance record label, Anjunabeats. Lately, they have been pushing the bar with new, young artists such as Arty and Mat Zo, as well as new styles of music along the lines of Andrew Bayer. I wouldn’t be surprised if this year they are voted #1 or #2 top 100 DJs in the DJMag poll.

Here I have one of their upcoming tracks, “You Got To Go”, set to release September 18th. It is a rip from their BBC Radio 1 Essential mix back in early July. Enjoy this beautiful trance with some refreshing singing/lyrics!

Above & Beyond – You Got To Go (Kyau & Albert Remix)

Nickey – If I Could (Audien Remix)

21 Jun

Here is one of my new favorite trance tracks that is very chill and puts me in a good mood no matter what. “If I Could” was just released two days ago by Adam Nickey, under his new name Nickey. This awesome remix was done by the 18 year old U.S. producer Audien. I’ll let the track speak for itself and please your ears. Enjoy!

Play this one in HD by clicking the YouTube button!

Nickey – If I Could (Audien Remix)

Sigur Rós – Hoppípolla

17 Jun

Today I have a very unique post that will feature a very cool band and a trance remake of the same song. Sigur Rós is an Icelantic band that is like none other you’ve seen/heard. Their music is hard to describe, but it’s a minimal rock with lots of different uses of instruments and epic build ups that make each song a masterpiece to listen to. Jonsi, the lead singer who has now gone onto a solo career, uses a bow with his guitar. The drummer and other band members use various household items for some of their sound in their songs – such as a plastic suitcase for a drum beat.

The song I will be featuring here is taken from their Takk… album. In Icelantic, “Hoppípolla” means “jumping in puddles”. This is a very happy song about how you can still have fun and hop in puddles, even if you are of older age. Another unique part about this band, shown in this song, is they have their own Icelantic language they use in their music. Not many people know what it means because it’s unique to the  band itself. One more cool thing about this song, is they de-tune their piano to play it…so if you try and play it on a tuned piano, it sounds off-tune but almost the same. The cool thing is they pull this off and it still sounds wonderful as it is. Anyway, enjoy this wonderful song with one of my favorite piano melodies!

Sigur Rós – Hoppípolla

And here I have the trance remake of Hoppípolla by Chicane. He named it “Poppíholla” since it has that more poppy, dance sound to it. The breakdown in this song is so amazing, having the beautiful piano melody from Sigur Rós.

Enjoy! Let me know what you think of these two tunes!

Chicane – Poppíholla

Arty – Zara (Original Mix)

8 Jun

Arty. Where do I start. This Russian DJ is 19 years old and has been producing top notch tracks since he was 17 years old. Within the past 2 years, he has been signed to Anjunabeats and reached #1 trance track on beatport several times. Big name DJs are always playing his tracks at live shows and on their podcasts, with insane reactions from the fans. Most DJs dream to be in Arty’s shoes at his age and excelling in a career as much as he is. Still a teenager, he continues to produce tracks and remixes that are heard around the world, and definitely won’t be stopping anytime soon.

“Zara” came out this last January, reaching the #1 trance track spot quite fast. I still get goosebumps to this day every time I play it. The piano melodies in the middle of the track are so soothing, leading into the completely epic drop that has got me jumping in the air plenty times at shows – of course smiling in complete bliss.  The more you listen to it, the more you’ll love it, trust me. Look out for much more Arty tracks in the future. Enjoy guys!

Arty – Zara (Original Mix)

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