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Re:Generation Music Project – DJ Premier

29 Mar

Today’s Re:Generation artist is the hip-hop legend, DJ Premier. Known as one of the best hip-hop producers, working with legend Gang Starr, DJ Premier sure had his work cut out for him with his chosen genre. He was assigned to mix his old school jazzy hip-hop style with classical music – total opposites. Premier learned from the ground up, learning how to read music again, and even conducting an orchestra, in order to make this track work. With the help of Nas on the lyrics, and the Berklee Symphony Orchestra, DJ Premier wrote this masterpiece named “Regeneration”. Enjoy!

DJ Premier ft. Nas & the Berklee Symphony Orchestra – Regeneration | Direct Download


Re:Generation Music Project – Pretty Lights

29 Mar

The Re:Generation project is probably one of the coolest things done in the music industry recently. In association with the Grammy’s, Re:Generation had five profound producers from all genres mix their style with one they assign to them. For my next five posts, I will feature each track that was done through this project.

Today, I have electronic/glitch-hop/soul producer Pretty Lights, who was assigned the category of country. As you can see, this totally conflicts with his style of producing, but with his insane skills, he made it work and is now one of my favorite songs of all time. In “Wayfaring Stranger”, Derek takes the original lyrics of Ralphy Standley & LeAnn Rimes, along with the original 80’s version of the track, and puts his own original, analog taste on everything. Give this unique one a listen!

Pretty Lights ft. LeAnn Rimes & Ralph Standley – Wayfaring Stranger | Direct Download

Alison May – Brick

27 Mar

I discovered this wonderful indie musician, Alison May, from one of my favorite electronic producers – Andrew Bayer. I featured his track with Alison May, “Brick”, a while back where he features the acoustic guitar and vocals from this original I have for you today. The guitar rhythm and vocals are so beautiful together and has lots of emotion throughout. Enjoy this beautiful tune from Alison May!

Alison May – Brick

Zero 7 – In The Waiting Line (Koop Remix)

26 Mar

“In The Waiting Line” is a very popular tune in the electronic world is considered a classic due to it’s great vocals and chill beat. Today I have an awesome remix that puts a very jazzy touch on the track, making it totally different from the original. The xylophone, bassline, trumpet, and jazzy drums make this a very unique remix done by Koop. Sit back and relax to this one!

Zero 7 – In The Waiting Line (Koop Remix)

Bibio – Ambivalence Avenue

25 Mar

Bibio is a relatively new artist I discovered not too long ago and I fell in love with his unique style right away. Bibio is a British producer also known as Stephen Wilkinson, who makes electronic music with a folk feel to it. Some of his music reminds me of Boards of Canada, who I will eventually post in the future. Check out his music, the album Ambivalence Avenue is my favorite, and here is the title track from that album.

Bibio – Ambivalence Avenue

Hybrid – Finished Symphony (Deadmau5 Remix)

25 Mar

The man behind the mau5 head and mau5trap record label, Deadmau5, has been one of the most demanded DJs worldwide for the last two years. Lots of people have gotten into electronic dance music because of him and his ability to reach mainstream fans. I discovered him about three years ago when he wasn’t nearly as big as he is now and loved his old productions. In my opinion, his recent productions aren’t as good as the old ones are, but I still continue to check him out whenever I can.

This track by Hybrid, “Finished Symphony” was remixed by Deamau5 back in 2007 and is nothing but great progressive house. To this day, this stands as one of my favorite deadmau5 tracks and hopefully you new deamau5 fans can enjoy his old stuff too. Hopefully I will get a chance to see deadmau5 play at Red Rocks this August and see some of his new stuff he’s been working on. Be on the lookout for more posts on him!

I’d also like to mention, all the music we upload is always in HD. However, you can only listen to the song in HD if you click the youtube button on the song posted. From there you can choose to listen to a higher quality version if you’d like. Music is always more enjoyable when the sound is the best quality it can be. Anyway, enjoy!

Hybrid – Finished Symphony (Deadmau5 Remix)

Twin Shadow – At My Heels

25 Mar

Twin Shadow is a relatively young artist from the Dominican Republic who has had quite the dark childhood. He writes a lot of his songs based on experiences in his past with his twin sister – hence the artist name Twin Shadow. His debut album was actually recorded in various hotel rooms across New York City. “At My Heels” is one of the tracks from his recent EP Forget, which was released last fall.

Twin Shadow – At My Heels

Check out more of Twin Shadow: