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The Tallest Man On Earth – The Gardener

10 Apr

Hey guys sorry for the lack of posts over the past couple days. It was my 21st birthday weekend and I was super busy with friends, a music festival, and well…drinking. I’ll be back on schedule with daily posts now though.

The Tallest Man On Earth is a Swedish folk artist that has been known as the modern day Bob Dylan. Not only his music style, but his voice is very similar to folk legend Bob Dylan. The lyrics and stories he tells in his music are truly remarkable, showing how good of a song writer he is. His album from 2008, Shallow Graves, is by far my favorite and has lots of great songs on it. Here is my favorite song from that album, “The Gardener”.

The Tallest Man On Earth – The Gardener


Radiohead – Gagging Order

9 Apr

A softer side to what I consider to be one of the best groups in the last 20 years. The song is off the Com Lag: 2+2=5 album, which could be considered the b-sides to the Hail to the Thief album recordings.

They released yet another great record this past April called The King of Limbs. The album is short but Radiohead is one of the few groups who still actually make “albums”. The tracks are meant to be listened together as a whole, not one here and one there.

Order hereĀ

Radiohead – Gagging Order

Alison May – Brick

27 Mar

I discovered this wonderful indie musician, Alison May, from one of my favorite electronic producers – Andrew Bayer. I featured his track with Alison May, “Brick”, a while back where he features the acoustic guitar and vocals from this original I have for you today. The guitar rhythm and vocals are so beautiful together and has lots of emotion throughout. Enjoy this beautiful tune from Alison May!

Alison May – Brick

Mansions on the Moon – Rest Of Your Days

14 Jan

Today I have a great acoustic song by Mansions on the Moon, taken from their new Lightyears EP. I featured their tune “Leaves Fall” last month and this one is just as good! It’s too bad that it is so short, but it is quite the gem. The harmony and guitar in it are so beautiful and to be honest, this song reminds me a lot of the legends Simon & Garfunkel. Sit back and enjoy, and don’t be shy to grab the free download below!

Mansions on the Moon – Rest Of Your Days | Download

J Mascis – Several Shades of Why

23 Aug

J Mascis is the frontman for the band Dinosaur Jr. I’m not much of a fan of the full band, but J Mascis’ acoustic release from this past March Several Shades of Why is extremely good. The song writing and guitar work is pure genius. I highly suggest checking it out.

J Mascis – Several Shades of Why


Portugal. The Man – The Sun

11 Aug

I’ve been listening to these guys for a couple years now and it’s definitely a band that everyone should check out. The group from Alaska formed around 2002 and released their first record independently in 2007. After releasing their second record in 2008, the lead singer John Gourley was named AP magazine ‘Best Vocalist of the Year’. In 2009 they played at Lollapalooza and released my favorite record Satanic Satanist. What I like even more was the acoustic version they put out called Majestic Majesty, I highly suggest checking it out.

If you find you like these guys, check out some of their youtube/vimeo vids. The way they gather around in a circle and play so casually is pretty cool.

Portugal. The Man – The Sun

John Mayer – In Your Atmosphere (Live)

28 Jul

John Mayer is one of my favorite live performers, mostly because he shreds on the guitar and plays some real good blues. Most people don’t know that he plays a lot of blues in his live shows and isn’t the typical acoustic album artist that most people know of. His album Where the Light Is has some of the best John Mayer I’ve heard, because the whole performance includes acoustic, blues, and rock all in one. I highly suggest to get the whole album if you enjoy any bit of John Mayer.

Here I have one of my favorite acoustic songs from the Where the Light Is album, “In Your Atmosphere”. Enjoy this great live performance!

John Mayer – In Your Atmosphere

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