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Tupac – Thugz Mansion ft. Nas (Acoustic)

31 Aug

Tupac is one of the legends of hip-hop and was one of the best rappers to live in my opinion. Here I have one of his acoustic classics from 2002 that was done with Nas. I’m a fan of the original, but I think this acoustic version is the best. The smooth, relaxing guitar melody and lyrics really put Tupac’s message across well in the song. Enjoy this relaxing hip-hop tune from the legend himself! R.I.P.

Tupac – Thugz Mansion ft. Nas (Acoustic)


Andrew Bayer – Gaff’s Eulogy

30 Aug

To say the least, it’s an understatement how much I love Andrew Bayer’s music. He keeps putting out such original, unique tracks that are just so high quality on the production side. Here I have another one of his unreleased tracks, “Gaff’s Eulogy” that was ripped from a recent live set. It has a very gloomy, happy feel to it, and then dives into this epic beat that hits hard, while keeping that spacey feel to it. If you enjoy this track, definitely check out the other unreleased track I posted of him, “Brick”, as well as any of his other productions. I highly suggest getting his new album It’s Artificial. Thanks and enjoy!

Andrew Bayer – Gaff’s Eulogy

Mux Mool – Lazy Soul

29 Aug

Today I have a really chill electronic tune that is great for relaxing after a long day, or even cruising through some pow. It has a very similar feel to RJD2 if anyone is a fan of him. Enjoy!

Mux Mool – Lazy Soul

J Mascis – Several Shades of Why

23 Aug

J Mascis is the frontman for the band Dinosaur Jr. I’m not much of a fan of the full band, but J Mascis’ acoustic release from this past March Several Shades of Why is extremely good. The song writing and guitar work is pure genius. I highly suggest checking it out.

J Mascis – Several Shades of Why


Thievery Corporation – Blasting Through the City (Kelly Dean Dubstep Bootleg)

21 Aug

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I’veĀ  been busy packing for home, Europe, and having too much fun. I’ll be back on the daily posting for now.

Today I have a super sick remix of one of my favorite artists, Thievery Corporation. It is done by a man named Kelly Dean who I don’t know much about, but killed it on this remix. Now I don’t like much dubstep at all, and almost wouldn’t call this a dubstep song – it’s more of real dub than anything. He took “Blasting Through the City” and added some bits here and there, and a lot more bass which I enjoy on this track because it has a reggae theme to it.

Make sure to crank this with some good bass and grab the free download on the player below! Enjoy!

Thievery Corporation – Blasting Through the City (Kelly Dean Dubstep Bootleg)

Pink Floyd – Time (Pretty Lights Remix)

14 Aug

This last weekend I saw my first show at Red Rocks Amphitheater from the biggest name in electronic music right now, Pretty Lights. The whole experience with the theater, music, and production was just amazing. I definitely suggest for anyone to go to a show there if they can!

Today’s post is a remix of the legendary “Time” from Pink Floyd. It is an awesome mix that keeps the original feel to it with the lyrics, along with some awesome electronic elements. Enjoy! Make sure to get the free download!

Pink Floyd – Time (Pretty Lights Remix) | Free Download

Portugal. The Man – The Sun

11 Aug

I’ve been listening to these guys for a couple years now and it’s definitely a band that everyone should check out. The group from Alaska formed around 2002 and released their first record independently in 2007. After releasing their second record in 2008, the lead singer John Gourley was named AP magazine ‘Best Vocalist of the Year’. In 2009 they played at Lollapalooza and released my favorite record Satanic Satanist. What I like even more was the acoustic version they put out called Majestic Majesty, I highly suggest checking it out.

If you find you like these guys, check out some of their youtube/vimeo vids. The way they gather around in a circle and play so casually is pretty cool.

Portugal. The Man – The Sun

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